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Thank you Julius Malema, you're the best!

Updated: May 1

It’s very rare that I mention a politician by name, on Ubuntu Army, Ubuntu Link or to my wider community, because they are almost all unevolved and focused not on the future of our country, or our children, but only on spreading their divisive narrative, for their own gain. However, today I need to send a very special THANK YOU to Mr Malema. Thank you Mr Malema for beautifully illustrating the point I make in my post, Springbok Rugby: Silencing Politicians (for a week or two) since 1995, from 3 November. In that article, published 4 days ago, I wrote,

At this point, the unity that this victory has delivered seems unshakeable. And yet, based on the lessons of the other three World titles we have won at this tournament, the unity will certainly subside, and disappear. In the weeks ahead, as our excitement wanes ,and becomes less visceral, perhaps more difficult to access, politicians, eager to re-establish their narratives, their positions, their sides, will begin to circle. Like hyenas around an injured buck, they will gather and begin to howl. To drown out the distant cheers, the joy, the ecstasy from weeks before. To restore order. Opinions, stances and positions will be shouted at us, differences will be highlighted and division fabricated. On all sides. For this is the nature of politics. It’s always about sides. This is their revenue, their power, their frail grasp. Their factions, their gangs, their sides, their arguments, their us-and-thems, will find a voice, perhaps find traction, and viola, the unity we hold so effortlessly right now, will slip through our fingers. Divide and conquer.

Four days after publishing these words, you proved my point in the most direct way possible. Your marketing of division and difference, in the face of Springbok inspired unity at the EFF Gauteng Provincial Ground Forces Forum ( hit my nail on the head. You literally proved my point. Thank you! The unity in South Africa was too much for you to bare. Your echo chamber was comprimised. You needed the division and difference back to validate you, to provide you with relevance. Your rhetoric and bluster at the Ground Forces Forum is as cliched as your choice of clothing in parliament. You are as predictable as a.. hmmm, let me see... Got it! You're as predictable as a South African politician peddling division and difference, with no policy or vision. THANK YOU for bringing our attention, as a country, to your agenda. To divide and conquer.

The power in this country is not held by you or any politician for that matter. It is held by us, the people of South Africa. Together, as a single people, we will destroy division, leave agenda politics behind us, and find a path that leads us out of the stories of the past, and back to the rainbow. Thank you Julius, you’re the best!

Please share this post and visit to learn how to rebuild the rainbow. Ubuntu.

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