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Ubun tuArmy

It is time for change. ​It is time for revolution.

ubuntu army


​I am Ubuntu Army

You are Ubuntu Army

We are all Ubuntu Army

We are Ubuntu Army.

For administrative purposes, we are classified as a non-profit organisation, but we do not prioritise your donation, or your subscription. We prioritise you. This website is presented with the sole ambition of helping you reimagine your capacity, as an individual, to create change in your country. It is a call to acknowledge your potential as an individual, to harness your power as an individual, and through your individual kind action, to unite with your neighbours, and to reclaim your community. To reclaim your country. 

We believe that it is possible, in fact inevitable, that individuals, acting together in community, will save our country. This is where the real power lies. Amongst the people. The politicians, the corporations and the non-profit sector rely on us to support them, to validate them. Without us they do not exist. While it is simple and convenient to cast a vote, to pledge a donation, to support a brand, these actions create no change. The division and poverty continue to grow. The system is broken. This is the bottom line.

While serving the poor and vulnerable through lockdowns, riots and flood in South Africa, Ubuntu Army discovered a path to change. A path to freedom. The path is more complex and less convenient than casting a vote or pledging a donation, but ultimately incredibly simple. And powerful. Ubuntu Army discovered that support offered by ordinary people, and received, by other ordinary people, unite all concerned, and builds trust and community between all those involved in the transaction. Compassion builds community. Community builds countries. 

When individuals personally address the poverty and inequality that surrounds them, division is destroyed. Rather than rely on government or institution for change, the ordinary men and women, the Ubuntu Army, step into the fight against poverty, and form, and hold, the thin red line of Ubuntu around the vulnerable. Through the bond of sharing, of Ubuntu, unity is created and true democracy, free of agenda and divisive politics is forged. Poverty and division in one breath. Ubuntu.


You, the ordinary, everyday, garden-variety people, the Ubuntu Army, hold the key to your salvation and to the salvation of your country. You join Ubuntu Army, by practicing independent, on-your-own-terms-acts-of-kindness. You leave your comfort zones to connect with those on the other side of the street, on the other side of the divide, on the other side of your fear. In so doing, you reclaim your power, your connection, your community, and ultimately your country.

Ubuntu Army is a rallying cry for a Compassion Revolution.

Unite and Conquer.

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At Ubuntu Army, we do three things really well.

ubuntu link

Building an Ubuntu Link is the single most important act of kindness we will take in our lives. It is an act of strategic empathy, of matching love and action. It is a simple, uncomplicated act. It is an act of compassion, an act of connection, an act of community. It is an act that destroys division, directly fights poverty, and heals pain. It is an act that will save us, our society, our country, our humanity, and ultimately, this creaking planet of ours. It is an act of revolution. It is an act that lies at the core of the Compassion Revolution. Build an Ubuntu Link.



disaster response

It is during times of crisis and disaster that the vulnerable are most exposed. During these times, Ubuntu Army supports the vulnerable, unreservedly. Our approach to crisis and disaster is simple. We believe in direct, on-the-ground connection and collaboration with the newly vulnerable. This approach has proved highly effective in meeting the challenges of food, shelter and resource presented by lockdowns, rioting, and floods. The ordinary people of Ubuntu Army have made a real difference in the lives of those affected by disaster. Join the response


poverty lab

The Poverty Lab is a think-action tank working on behalf of the vulnerable. A collaboration of designers, engineers, social scientists, artists and strategists who work to identify the components of poverty, and to develop solutions to those components. The lab employs a multi-disciplinary approach to its research, advocates for its findings, and invests in people, technology and projects that directly, and effectively, fight poverty on the frontline. To date, the Ubuntu Farm has been our flagship project, with new research projects in the tank. Explore the lab.

So, what can you as an individual do to help create real change?


build an ubuntu link

This is essential. It is the only way to destroy division, disable toxic politics and to solve poverty. There is no room for complaint, from any of us, if this first step is not taken by each of us. Build an Ubuntu Link. It's that simple. 

register here

Register with Ubuntu Army to become a member of a  global human resource database, a member of the Ubuntu Army, that can be called on, in any country, to respond to crisis and disaster, as it unfolds.

share ubuntu

Encourage and motivate others to build an Ubuntu Link of their own and to register with Ubuntu Army for future service. It is through weight of numbers that poverty and division will be destroyed, and  our countries.reclaimed.

What about donation?

For the most part, we would like you to keep your money to build, and sustain, you own Ubuntu Link, as the connection created in this transaction is everything.



Ubuntu Army does not prioritise donation. However, we do require financial contribution to respond to disaster as it unfolds, to advocate for establishing Ubuntu Link as a global ethic, to support our research and development into poverty, to distribute and plant Ubuntu Farms, and to pay our administrative costs.


In an ideal world, Ubuntu Army would not exist. Unfortunately, we are not living in an ideal world. Poverty and Division are real. Ubuntu Army is here to end poverty and division. We are not looking to join the non-profit sector for  revenue or career. We are here to end poverty, to eradicate division, and to dissolve once the job is done.


We are transparent and lean. Our financial records are available to all members and contributors, at any point, and we do our best to convert 98% of your contribution directly into ending poverty, and supporting those in crisis. 

co n tri bu t e

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