Ubuntu Link is a personal, one-on-one, food security link between those who need a food parcel and those who are willing to supply one. If you are in need of food, or are able to provide food, please visit the Ubuntu Link Facebook Group.


STEP 1 - For those in need

If you are in need of food, then you are welcome to post on the Ubuntu Link Facebook group pages. In your post, please provide:

A description of your situation (photographs of your home and family are welcome, but not essential)​

The number of family members in your house, their ages and your needs.

The location of your home (please be specific, without sharing your actual address)

Your contact numbers (WhatsApp and direct)

There is no guarantee that your needs will be met, as the success of Ubuntu Link depends entirely on the motivation and resources of the ordinary, everyday South Africans, who are members of Ubuntu Army and Ubuntu Link. Neither group has the money or logistics to assist you all directly. We are a grassroots group, without formal funding or government assistance. That said, we firmly believe in the collective power and courage of everyday South Africans to meet challenges head on.


STEP 2 - For those willing to help

If you are willing to help, please comment on the post, taking responsibility for the request, with a comment, to the effect of, "I will take care of this." This prevents duplication. Make contact with the person in need, offline, to make arrangements to meet and assist.

I prefer to create actual food parcels, and deliver them to the person in need, at their home. Food parcel breakdowns can be found in the resources section. This avoids the corruption inherent in voucher requests, and cuts down on scam and spam requests. An in-person delivery of a food parcel to a vulnerable home, ensures that I make contact with the person, which breaks down ignorance and fear, creates trust and friendship, develops gratitude and love, on both sides of the transaction, is an awesome adventure, usually into areas never before explored, and leaves me motivated to do it all again. It's a beautiful way to fight hunger, find adventure, meet people and build real trust, within our communities and throughout our country.


STEP 3 - The exchange

The food parcel is delivered, exchanged or deposited.

While I prefer to visit the person in need at their home, the exchange can be made in more public areas (shopping centre parking lots, police stations etc) if there are any concerns around safety, from either party. Identifying a central landmark in the area visited can be useful, as navigation, house numbering, and many other factors often make finding specific domestic addresses difficult.  That said, I have had only amazing, heartfelt reactions on all the exchanges that I have been involved in.

Trust your instincts.


STEP 4 - For both parties

If you have successfully supplied a food parcel to a person in need, then please leave a comment on the post, indicating that the need has been met, to the effect of "I have taken care of this."

Comments, and photographs (with consent) of the transaction, from both parties, are encouraged, as these will provide insight into the experience, provide inspiration to those contemplating getting involved, and will highlight the problems and pitfalls of the model, which will allow the model to improve and grow.

Take if you need, give if you have.


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