If you would like to create a Food Chain, or support an already active chain, please visit the Forum page and sign up. To set up a Food Chain, you will need to do four things.

Identify your People

With the help of the vulnerable person you would like to assist, create a list of other vulnerable people in their community. You will need to take their guidance in creating the list, and a degree of trust is required. This will give you an idea of the number of food parcels you are going to need.

It is a good idea to limit the number of parcels, to make the operation manageable and sustainable. Perhaps start with 20 or 30 parcels. 

Raise Funds

Launch an appeal for donations amongst friends, family, work colleagues and social groups. A staple food parcel costs R180, although larger parcels are recommended so that you are able to create food security for a longer period, and so that you avoid multiple parcel drops.

Examples of food parcels  can be found  on the resources page. 

Donations can be made directly into your bank account, with a description, showing that it is a donation. This will allow you to track the contributions at your next tax return.


Hit the Shops

 Once you have raised the funds needed, head to the shops or buy online and have the items delivered to your house. Food parcel breakdowns can be found in the resources section. Pack your food parcels so that they are easy to carry for a single person. 

Vouchers are another option, can be purchased from most grocery stores, and can be sent as a message to the phones of the people on your contact list. Vouchers have been abused on the black market, but every system has its pitfalls. 


Arrange to meet your contact person, and the people on your list, at a neutral location. This will ensure that you limit the amount of attention that the distribution can create. The parking lot of a shopping centre, near the vulnerable community is a good bet, for smaller Food Chains, although open ground, away from crowds is better for larger drops. Take the advice of your contact  with regards to choosing a location and ensure that your contact has a clear list of all those who are to receive to avoid any drama from strangers. 

Remember, you can't help everyone, and for your safety and the safety of your people, don't try to.  A single, distribution of larger parcels is preferable to multiple, smaller drops, to reduce logistics and exposure, and to ensure a greater degree of food security.

Please post a report and photos of your distribution on the  Ubuntu Army Facebook Group page. 



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