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Wearing a mask appears to be central to the fight against Covid19, and everyone needs to wear a mask.


The vulnerable often lack the resources to purchase, or acquire, a good quality mask, and yet it is essential that these communities wear masks, for our collective health. We have designed, and are committed, to promoting the wide scale use of the Ubuntu Mask. The Ubuntu Mask is an almost free, easy to make, comfortable, protective, reusable mask that we believe will be instrumental in the fight against the spread of the virus. 

The Ubuntu Mask requires a 50cm square piece of cotton fabric (or smaller), and a shoelace or a piece of string. There is no sewing required.


We have created a step-by-step set of instructions to make an Ubuntu Mask (in the gallery above), which we would ike you to download, and text, SMS, and WhatsApp to everyone you know, especially people living in vulnerable communities. Let's spread this mask design far and wide. It works really well. Everyone can make one. Everyone can own one. Everyone must wear one




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