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Projects that focus on connection, create change. The rest create revenue. And ego. 

invest in heart 

Ubuntu Army supports the work of NGOs, community organisations and individuals that invest in heart. We are not concerned with the organisational status of a project. We are more concerned with the quality of the vision, the quality of the work, and the quality of the individuals involved in the project. Ubuntu Army invests in projects that create connection, that are replicatable, that cut through semantics, abandon charity and politics, foster dignity and independence, are on-the-ground, working-from-heart, are not centred on revenue and success, but are centred on the people, and their needs. Ubuntu Army invests in heart. Ubuntu Army invests in projects that create change.

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The projects supported by Ubuntu Army are scaleable. At the core of each of our projects is a simple, repeatable framework, that allows the project to be easily replicated and scaled to a national, or global level. This is essential. As our projects grow and develop, a how-to-guide documenting lessons learnt, mistakes made and paths taken, is created and made available to those replicating the project. If the model is adhered to, and the how-to-guide followed, then the success enjoyed by a project at a local level, can generally be replicated. As scaled, repeated projects interact and learn from each other, so, the growth enjoyed on a microlevel begins to expand exponentially. This is how change happens.

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The projects supported by Ubuntu Army prioritise connection between the members of the project or community serving, and the members of the community being served. This is essential. Connection has been shown by Ubuntu Army's work on the ground, to be the greatest factor in creating lasting change in any socio-economic transaction or initiative. Greater than the resource exchanged, greater than the transactions completed, and even greater than the very ethic of the project itself. This has been validated by academics, social scientists and activists from around the world. Connection is the key to change, and lies at the core of Ubuntu Army's support of a project.



Ubuntu Army invests in change. We are committed to creating actual, discernible change. For the sake of our children, for the sake of the vulnerable, for the sake of the voiceless. If you are involved in an initiative, a project, an organisation that is committed to change, that prioritises connection over revenue, is scalable and replicable, and you  would like to connect with other projects working from heart, to share lessons, resource, platforms and contacts, then please contact Ubuntu Army. Further, if you are involved in a project that would like to transition to a connection based model, built on a scalable framework, then please contact Ubuntu Army for guidance and support. 

Ubuntu Army supports the following projects

ubuntu farm

Poverty erodes hope and imagination. Ubuntu Army aims to recapture both by providing micro-farms, Ubuntu Farms, to marginalised families trapped in the cycle of poverty on the outskirts of all South African cities. An Ubuntu Farm is a radical departure from traditional urban farming, in that the farm is not designed to grow a significant amount of food. This we believe perpetuates poverty. Instead, an Ubuntu Farm, is designed to spark the imagination of the poor, to leave their poverty. It is time to return to the land.


impact cycle

Impact Cycle harnesses the power of a fun and healthy activity to transform not only the lives of pupils, but of communities. At Impact Cycle, learning to ride a bike and attending school are inextricably linked. At Impact Cycle, we envision a future where every child in South Africa can ride a bicycle, and receive an education, both fundamental building blocks to leading a fulfilling life, and to creating sense of  liberation and  freedom.

the poverty lab

The Poverty Lab aims to eradicate poverty. The Poverty Lab is a forum, created to harness the creative, critical and strategic thinking of you, the Ubuntu Army, to imagine, design and create mechanisms, systems, technology, apparatus and perspectives, to fight poverty. The Poverty Lab is a forum in which we all have an opportunity to play a role in the fight against poverty. The Poverty Lab is forum where we are free to express our views and present our ideas, in the search for solutions to poverty. The Poverty Lab is a  forum where difficult questions are asked, uncomfortable truths confronted, and solutions discussed, explored, and celebrated. 

The Poverty Lab is a collaborative think-action tank.

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A number of new projects are in the pipeline, and will be  added to this pagsoon. If you would like your project to be added to this collection of change-makers, then please contact us.

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