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Ubuntu is an Nguni Bantu term meaning humanity

It is often translated as I am because we are, or in a more philosophical sense, the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

Ubuntu Army is a collection of ordinary, everyday, garden variety people, from around the globe, who offer our skills, resources and time to assist the most vulnerable members of our society to reclaim their dignity and independence. It is our belief, that the support offered, and received, unites South Africans, and builds trust, community and compassion between, previously separated individuals and communities. Compassion builds community. Through this bond of sharing, of Ubuntu, we will forge true democracy, free of agenda, divisive politics and razor wire. 


On a practical level, Ubuntu Army confronts inequality and promotes food security by building vegetable gardens and micro-farms, Ubuntu Farms, and distributing, and installing, them throughout vulnerable communities in South Africa. 

During times of crisis, Ubuntu Army adopts a more fluid and reactionary approach to meet the unique challenges faced by vulnerable communities. In its response to the hunger created by the national lockdown, Ubuntu Army adopted a take if you need, give if you have approach, creating Ubuntu Chains and Ubuntu Links, which provide food stability for thousands of people throughout South Africa. Check out Ubuntu Chains on our join us page. 

In response to the threat posed by Covid 19, Ubuntu Army designed an accessible, open source mask, the Ubuntu Mask, and made it available to all those in need. Check out the Ubuntu Mask on our resources page

Photos and videos generated during our missions and initiatives, fundraising news and insights into the real nature of the problem faced by the vulnerable, can be followed on our Facebook page. The media on our Facebook page can be used by individuals and groups for the purposes of poverty relief. Access to this media is denied to all political parties, and to any individuals or groups, who seek to further agendas, of any sort. 

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