Ubuntu Army is unable to receive cash donations at this point, as our 501c(3) status has yet to be approved.

Ubuntu Army is called to serve in communities throughout South Africa. You are welcome to visit the Ubuntu Army Facebook group to follow our work, and to watch your donations in action.  


We are committed to creating sustainable food security in South Africa, by planting micro-farms in marginalised communities. South Africa has a rich heritage of sustainable farming, a practice that was destroyed by apartheid. By providing farms to the most vulnerable, and by educating the farmers in the upkeep of their new farms, Ubuntu Farm aims to restore dignity and independence to these marginalised individuals.

An Ubuntu Farm consists of 8 bags of compost and 100 plants, that can be harvested without removing the plant, thereby creating a steady supply of food throughout a season. The vegetables are planted directly into the compost bags, and require access to water and sunlight only. An Ubuntu Farm can be planted on a balcony, a verandah, a rooftop. Anywhere. Space or land ownership is no longer a deal breaker for growing vegetables.

The Ubuntu Farm initiative is currently under development, and the methods of delivery and installation will be shared in due course.




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Food Links are a direct, no-nonsense approach to fighting hunger, connecting hungry families, to those able to meet their need. Ubuntu Link is a personal, one-to-one, food security link between those who are in need of food and those who are willing to gift a food voucher. If you are in need of food, or are able to provide food, please visit the

Ubuntu Link Facebook Group, and for the How to guide to Ask for Help and to Offer Help. Take if you need, Give if you have.

Food Chains are evolved food links that create food security for vulnerable  families, and that offer a real opportunity for interaction between those willing to help, and those in need. Click on the link below tolerant more about Food Links and Food Chains


Every week we host a live event, on the Ubuntu Army Facebook group, aimed at supporting those amongst us suffering with mental health issues. Mindfulness and meditation practices are presented in an accessible, and easy-to-use format, and online support, from the members of Ubuntu Army is available. 

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We require drivers and vehicles to distribute food and resources, to deliver food parcels created by Food Chains and Food Links, and  to assist other grassroots organisations, who lack logistics. If you have a vehicle, and are interested in volunteering as a driver, please visit the Driver or Distribution section on our Forum page. 

We will provide travel permits, during stages of hard lockdown, to all those who sign up and are called on to assist with distribution



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