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In the Poverty Lab we explore poverty, with an aim to understanding it thoroughly, and to then eradicating it.

poverty lab

In the Poverty Lab we explore poverty. We unpack what it means to experience poverty, and what it means to be poor. We look to define and differentiate poverty from inequality, structural poverty from temporal poverty. We unpack to learn, to decode, to define the problems and to create paths forward. Clear, discernible paths. We harness the creative, critical and strategic thinking of our team to design system, technology, apparatus and perspective, to fight poverty. The Poverty Lab is a think-action tank.


The Poverty Lab aims to eradicate poverty. 

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farms and beyond

The Poverty Lab is quite new. We have spent three years designing and planting urban micro-farms around South Africa, and based on their evolution and success, we decided to focus our attention on their continued research and development.


At the same time we decided to open ourselves, and our resources, to new projects, to exploring new ideas, and to finding new solutions to poverty. We also opened ourselves to collaboration, and now harness the talents of some very smart people. And so the Poverty Lab was born.


At this point there are a number of projects in the Poverty Lab pipeline. While Ubuntu Farms are constantly refined, two new projects are also in development, and as results from our tests, and their trials, become available, we will present our findings here.


As we have continually discovered, poverty and division are dynamic processes, and a fluid, well researched, targeted approach to their eradication is required. The Poverty Lab has the intellectual and creative resources available to dissect the processes of poverty and division, and to apply solutions to the suffering at their very core.

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The Poverty Lab is exploring the following projects


ubuntu farm

Poverty erodes hope and imagination. Ubuntu Army aims to recapture both by providing micro-farms, Ubuntu Farms, to marginalised families trapped in the cycle of poverty on the outskirts of all South African cities.


An Ubuntu Farm is a radical departure from traditional urban farming, in that the is not designed to grow a significant amount of food. This we believe perpetuates poverty. Instead, an Ubuntu Farm, is designed to spark the imagination of the poor to leave their poverty. It is time to return to the land.


Find out how we aim to achieve this, and how to plant or gift an Ubuntu Farm.


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new projects

A number of new projects are currently being researched in the lab, and the results from their tests are in the pipeline.

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