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Corporate and NPC


industrial level connection

Corporate Social Investment budgets have for too long been directed towards serving internal marketing directives, or handed over to high profile non-profits, which also feeds internal marketing directives. As a corporate, you have the capacity and the resources to create Ubuntu Links on an industrial scale. CSI budgets can be directed towards enabling your employees to establish and sustain Ubuntu Links in their personal capacities. This will allow you, as a corporate, the opportunity to host events where your employees and their Ubuntu Links meet and share time together. This is connection at an industrial scale. This is authentic marketing and publicity. It resonates with your audience at a level that cannot be achieved through traditional marketing avenues.



Corporates have the capacity and resources to drive the ethic of Ubuntu forward, very rapidly. Your reach and influence is without question. That said, #ubuntulink is growing independently of corporate participation, and will continue to do so. As a corporate, you have an opportunity to embrace #ubuntulink and to adopt Ubuntu Compliance as a recognisable CSI ethic.



Include the Ubuntu Link logo on your packaging, within  advertising material, and within the fabric of corporate communication. Spread #ubuntulink as a global ethic of connection and change. 


Schools and Churches

  1. Schools connecting with other schools on a meaningful basis - a transaction in every sense of the word

  2. Encourage individual kids to establish individual connections with kids from other schools - Ubuntu compliant

  3. Community service prerequisite signed off by UA on evidence of an UL

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